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I planned on making just a topic today, but after i had made a social media share for my blog via stumbleupon, i could not help but talk about how i was able to drive much traffic to a 6 days old blog via stumbleupon. I never use to rely on any other social media for traffic besides facebook, twitter and google plus . But i went "wow" today when i actually shared a post on stumbleupon and got over sixty (60) views in just 2 minutes.Now you will want to ask questions like: is this sh*t true? Yes it is.I personally was shocked when i got to see that. It is indeed one great thing to work with social media.

How I Got Sixty Views In 5 Minutes On Techmaga Via Stumbleupon

I never did any tweaking, or Seo sh*t to get my blog such views within such short period. Of cause, driving such massive view on a blog that is barely 6 days old or less in this competitive blogging atmosphere is very difficult but the power of stumbleupon can not be doubted.

If you are new to stumbleupon, you can create an account now and be a partaker of the massive traffic it could fetch you within a specified period of time. The only thing i did to get my self such view was by sharing my content on the site.Sharing of content should not be the major reason you use stumbleupon. You can actually stumble on other content to see the effectiveness of the social media. In sharing your blog content, you ought to take note of this few tips:

Your Keyword Choice Or Tag Description

Like i said, i didn't just share my content on the site, i had to specify some keywords there. These keywords gave a brief description of what the content was all about. If you are able to get a better definition for your content, there is a chance for you to get more people to see your contents within few minutes.
What The Page Is All About

Your ability to select suitable options on what your page is all about simply gives you an edge towards achieving or bringing more traffic to your blog. If the content you about to share talks more about the internet, it is wise for you to select "internet" on "what the page is all about."

Make A Clear Comment On The Topic

You will observe that stumbleupon has an optional box for comments. This should not be ignored. You must use it to your advantage. Simply make one or two comment about the post you are sharing. Please note that the comments should be very nice and inviting. It is one sure way to make sure that you get returning visitors to your blog beside the views.


Even though you speak different languages, English language is the most preferred language to use. If you can actually make use of the English language option, you will be able to drive quite a number of English speaking visitors to your blog.

Well, i never planned on making a second post today, but i just did. It was actually out of excitement though. You got more secret you think i should know? then hit the comment box to shout it loud to me.


  1. Hi,

    Well have been using stumbleupon since a while now and I must say its a nice platform for getting good referral traffic,

    1. Been a while, and i suppose you don't forget visiting bro. Stumbleupon has always been a good medium of traffic for me though.