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If you are still new to the mobile industry, then you are on a long thing. I received a mail from Konga concerning the newly introduced Blackberry Z3 and i was like " Are these guys still existing after the sudden rise of Andriod devices in the world"? I remember the period in Nigeria when owning a Blackberry mobile phone is a thing for the elite but the story was twisted around after the rise and risen of the Andriod device. Blackberry seems not to have given into any tackling or marketing threat posed by other competitors and the introduction of the Blackberry series, and above all "The blackberry Z3," has been one of Blackberry's engine to pull back the later glory to the present world of Andriod users.

The Blackberry Z3 has proven to be an exceptional piece of gadget that may have the potential to thrill Lovers of Blackberry or smartphone fans. A brief research i carried out on the mobile phone proves to me there is an awesome moment to anyone who purchases the Blackberry Z3 mobile device. Techmaga.com has not stopped trying to see how the next generation of mobile phone will change or proffer solution to Smartphone users in general.Now lets carefully look into the specification of the Blackberry Z3 to see if there would be any significant improvement or any feature that has the potential to cause excitement to anyone who patronizes the Blackberry Z3.According to my research,the stylish new blackberry Z3 smartphone comes loaded with exciting new apps and content, a novel design with a 5 inch display, and long lasting battery. It is made for the next generation of Blackberry customers and it runs on the latest Blackberry 10.2.1 Operating system and is compatible with andriod apps. You can learn how to install Andriod Apps on Blackberry Devices.

Specification & Features Of The Blackberry Z3

Though i have not had a hands-on review of the Blackberry Z3, i bet you, with the full information gotten from my research about the mobile, you will agree with me that i will give you an equivalent knowledge about the phone as equal to a Hands-on review.

Storage: In terms of storage, the Blackberry Z3 has a storage capacity of 8Gig internal memory and a whooping amount of Ram memory with its equivalence to 1.5Gig (A good alternative for Gamers).

Display: The Blackberry Z3 has a screen size of 5 inch which is equally a touchscreen. Thats no new piece of design, so we are looking into some other thing.

Processor: The processor is more like the heart of any mobile. Blackberry Z3 has quite an alluring processor speed of 1.5 GHZ dual core.

Battery: The Battery of the new Blackberry Z3 has the capacity to last you a talk time of 15.5 hours according to factory standard of testing. Now my question is "Is that also applicable for Game freaks?"

Network: The mobile phone runs on 2g,3G HSDPA

Memory: microSD, up to 32 GB (External Storage device).

A few glimpse into the mobile defaces it to be more interesting than expected right? you can make it into the mobile by patronizing.

Price Of Blackberry Z3

You can actually buy the Blackberry Z3 at a price of thirty seven thousand and nine hundred naira on Konga.com For those outside Nigeria, the price is within $250 dollars at most. Just a hint, free data plan and other freebies are included in your purchase with Konga.

The Tecno Phantom Z3 is yet to be born into the market and as such, i will hold any further comparison about the both phones so as to avoid misinforming you. Not to worry, a little review about the specification and Features of Tecno Phantom Z was given on this blog few weeks ago. Make out time to check it. It is a whole lot of awesome experience.


  1. Hello,

    That's really cool news, Actually my brother owns z1 which is kinda awesome smartphone I've ever seen. I'll consider it for future buy.

    1. Yea you have to. It is gonna be a big plus for you.

  2. Display of this smartphone is damn awesome and another thing is its design.

    1. Thanks Satyakam. The blackberry z3 really makes alot of sense and i bet the design i saw is awesome. Thanks Satyakam for stopping by.

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    1. Yea. The blackberry Z3 is indeed a nice gadget