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This is gonna be a little bit lengthy, but i implore that you exercise a good measure of patience because it is not going to be an easy battle after all. Almost every andriod phone can share wifi or wireless network over hotspot. As usual, you are meant to click on the settings option, go to Network and select the tethering option to allow your phone share wireless to other users right? I thought i was going to have it easy on HTC till i finally engaged in a battle of axes.

Have you ever tried to share wireless or hotspot via the use of a HTC Android phone and you receive silly replies like "to enable mobile hotspot on this device, go to att.com/mywireless or dial 611 turn on phone finder"? If you have got it, then how were you able to combat such a very awkward task.This was one hell of a problem that kept me in a confined space for minutes till i was able to give this menace my nice shot.

 After much research, i observed that HTC restricts users from sharing hotspot or tether wireless services to other users with their device except a fee of $40 dollars is paid. This is not a bad idea but a wrong move when it has to be paid to cover up a certain period of time. Now lets tune our reasoning a little bit. You paid for your internet subscription, and you decide to share it to a wireless user or to your Pc over a hotspot and you are asked by the phone operators to foot a certain bill before you can actually share your own network service. That is a little bit crazy though but is worth giving a try.

How To Share Or Tether Wifi Hotspot Network On HTC (to enable mobile hotspot on this device, go to att.com/mywireless or dial 611 turn on phone finder)

Although i had to come up with some researches to bypass this particular problem, i would advise you pay because i was just going to share the wireless network at that period in time and after which, i had to disable the service since i was good at obeying simple instruction even though i flouted the order for a jiffy.

Do you get replies like "to enable mobile hotspot on this device, go to att.com/mywireless or dial 611 turn on phone finder"? and you got no money to pay just to enable hotspot sharing mode on your HTC device? then you can by pass this message by following the below mentioned instruction.

Firstly,  you have to create a HTC sense account. This will give you a step ahead of stopping that message on your smartphone for a while. To register for a HTC sense account, go to settings + account and sync + HTC Sense.

Enabling Hotspot On HTC Sense Andriod Smartphone

For you to finally bypass the payment , you will have to install the PDANET EASY TETHER. To install this, simply launch your google play store and search for the andriod app. This app helps you  by pass this particular message from the phone.

Let me assume that you have installed the app. Just before you try fiddling with the settings on the app, you must be aware that HTC restricts you from tethering from the third party application. This is what you will do. From your settings, go to network and settings and enable the Airplane mode. The airplane modes mutes all current network services running on your phone. Once Airplane mode has been enabled, simply go to enable Tethering or Hotspot, this option automatically enables without giving you the payment message since your airplane mode is turned off. After you might have enabled it y, go back to your PDANET EASY TETHER app and complete the simple setup there. You can disable the phone from the Airplane mode once you have successfully done that.

You should be able to share your network.You can decide to change your wireless username and password from the default to custom. Please note that before anyone can connect to your phone wireless, you must grant access to them by authorizing there Mac address (Physical address) to gain access to your phone's network. Mac address of users trying to connect to your phone's hotspot can be seen under the custom settings for the username and password. Simply click  on "Manage Users To Allow Mac Address" to view users trying to gain access. Choose the user's Mac address and approve and after-which, you can input your wireless password.

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