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I know this topic may be strange to some bloggers but it does not matter since what i am about saying is the holy truth and nothing else. In the real sense, risky means full of the possibility of danger,failure, or Loss. Now my major focus while choosing this headline is "Loss." Have you ever been robbed physically before? can you imagine the pain, trauma and the stress of regaining your lost item? if you have, then this topic is meant for you (Adsense earners).If you have been receiving your Google Adsense earnings via your naira savings account, then you are no way different from being robbed.

97% of bloggers have heard about the Google Adsense programme so i would not spend much time trying to lecture anyone about it since i am only focused on why i considered receiving adsense earnings from Naira savings account quite risky. Is quite annoying to see some Nigerian Banks rip off the sweat of young bloggers and this is one of the reason i decided to draft out this post to help solve this issue.

I received a good news from one of my friend (Actually a blogger), according to him, google adsense is about paying him heavily but he was going to receive his earnings via his *********** Bank (Bank Name Withheld) Savings account and i was wowed by his decision. According to him, he was suppose to receive at-least $3,500 dollars that month and he was quite happy to be receiving it asap since his supposed bank does his transaction that same day and his earnings reflects in naira in his local Bank account too. I was amazed by how much he has been loosing consistently through this process and decided to ask him if he had any idea on how much the bank charges him by conversion into Nigerian Naira but he was kinda ignorant of this.

Do You Receive Adsense Earnings Via Your Savings Account? Here is Why You Should Stop:

Now let me give you a clue of what this banks does. Do you know that during exchange ,banks often charges you at N199 per dollar? Now lets do the Arithmetic. Lets try to convert $3,500 for someone receiving his/her adsense earnings via Naira Savings account. By my calculation, you should be having close to $3,500 * N199 = N696,500. Thats a lot of money you know. But lets consider how much you are loosing.

Take that same amount and try to convert it via black Market, you should have an exchange rate of  N265 per dollar. Now lets do the calculation, we should have $3,500 * N265 = N927,500. Try to compare both earnings received, you will observe the huge differences between the bank rates and the black market rate. The difference between both is N927,500-N696,500 = 231,000. So imagine being robbed of a huge amount of two hundred and thirty one thousand naira from your bank. Alot of bloggers need to run away from these format of receiving payment. A good alternative can be a Domiciliary account from GTBank (Which is free to run).

One good thing about the GTBank Domiciliary account is the fact that it is free and i can actually receive my adsense payment in dollars, effect a transfer of the cash (Dollars) in dollars to the account of the third party(Black Marketer) for an exchange of the current rates which is like N265 per dollar. This is where the Naira crisis favors quite a number of bloggers. Be wise, go for a dorm account today and start receiving via your domiciliary account rather than your Naira Savings account. Feel free to ask any question and get my respond.

Remember: The Loss is risky. You can't afford to be loosing huge amount of money to your Bank via your Savings.


  1. I don't blame these banks for buying dollar at low rates such as 199 because that is the official CBN rates. They also have to pay VAT and other charges as institutions that handle dollar currency.

    The Black market will always be more profitable in any industry - Not just Banking.

  2. The best is the Domicile Account. You can je-je-ly withdraw your dollar and change it when you want. I prefer changing mine during festive periods because that's when dollars is always high.

  3. Sure you are correct.Thanks for stopping by

  4. Yes you are correct about it. I would use the alternatives.
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  5. Dom account is the best for Adsense

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