For the past 5 months now i have been messing around with,placing their codes on the different parts of my site, trying to figure out what area or part would fetch me the most impression and of cause, earn me the most revenue. Before applying for the program, i was told or will i say, i read a blog that says that getting approved into the programme was very difficult. Unlike google adsense that approves via review by a crawler, before you accepted into the or yahoo bing advertising programme, your application has to be reviewed manually by a representative of before you can be considered for approval or rejection.

Introduction To (Yahoo Bing) Pay Per Impression  For Publishers

Just before i narrow down how i got approved between 24 hours on, i would love to give a brief hinting on what is, and how they operate. Bing as often called, is a network contextual Ads program that enables web publisher to easily and effectively earn advertising revenue from their is a leading global contextual advertising company that provides a wide range of advertising and traffic monetization solutions to a substantial and diversified client base.Unlike the google adsense program that pays per click, the Bing program deals with impression. If you are able to drive massive traffic to your blog, then the program works for you.

The 24 Hours Approval Granted -

Normally, i use to hear that could take up to one week before approval or rejection, but in my own case, i was approved within 24 hours. Some top bloggers mentioned on their blog that a decline in traffic could lead to the dismissal of your account and you actually needed alot of foreign visitors to visit your blog on daily basis but i have had several cases where i witnessed a drastic fall in the area of my visitors, but the fact that i have never received any warning message from Bing simply makes me doubt the authenticity of such proposed ideology.

Do I Really Need Visitors From The UK & Canada On

With my experience so far i don't thing you need any visitor from these locations. You can actually have your visitors just from any part of the globe and you are done. All you need is massive traffic. When i say massive traffic, i mean traffic level with a minimum of fifty thousand visitors daily. If you enjoy this number of visitors daily, then (Bing advertising network) may be a great option to implement on your blog to make more money online.

Method Of Payment For

One good thing about is that they can actually pay into your domiciliary account, Livewire transfer, cheque payment, paypal account etc depending on your choice of payment when your earnings crosses the threshold of $100. Since funding your paypal account in Nigeria could be very difficult, getting it paid into your paypal account would be of ease when compared to the problems associated with funding your paypal account when need be.

Can I Run With A Blog Currently Running Google Adsense On it?

Yes. there is every tendency you can run both advertising networks on the same blog without getting the sledge hammer from google.

You can test  by creating an account with them. The more you are able to fetch more impression to your ads, the better for you.


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