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It is not an easy task sourcing out the right Laptop that meets up your specification right? Yea. I remember my first experience when sourcing out for a laptop that i should use as a starter then, i had this big challenge of selection. Yesterday's problem has been solved by today's solution, and you are sure gonna believe me that you have the top support of me when it comes to sourcing out for the best laptop of your choice.

 Few days ago, i bought an ogbonge (Good) laptop for a friend; and up til now, i have not stopped receiving thanks for the credibility of the Laptop. It has an awesome loading speed, fixed with the latest windows 8.1 version of OS,can accommodate up to 500Gb worth of data and a host of others too numerous to mention.

Surprisingly, i bought this Laptop at a far more cheaper amount at (Name Withheld. Read Below to find out)

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Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Laptop

Firstly, before purchasing any laptop, you will have to know its specification and measure if its spec meets your own spec or demand. You may likely need to know detailed information about basic hardware like:

--> The Ram
--> The Hard Disc
--> Processing System
--> Operating System (Software)
--> Number of Ram Slots
--> Model
--> Screen Size 
--> Consumers Review

Have you got an idea about those?

An Exact Spec Of What I Got For My Friend Was:

--> Hard Disc - 500Gb
--> Ram - 4Gig
--> Screen Size - 15.6" Diagonal HD LED - Backlit display
--> Processor - AMD Dual-Core Processor E1-2100 (1.0ghz) Accelerated Processor
--> Model - HP 15 Notebook PC 15-FOO9wm
--> Operating System - Windows 8.1 With Bing
--> WLAN
--> No optical Drive

Now if you compare the specification of this Laptop, you will observe that it may meet your expectation and you could get it without breaking the bank. The only flaw to the Laptop is its lack of DVD/CD drive but the slot is the to insert a brand new drive.

With three thousand Naira or less, you can get a CD/DVD drive and fix it on the system that is if you really want it.

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Where To Buy HP 15 Notebook PC 15-fOO9wm

You can get this Laptop on Konga at the price of N54,000 or less. Feel free to tell me what you think about this Laptop using the comment box below this post. Buy This Laptop And Many More Now.


  1. Awesome review mate, I guess I'll consider this laptop for my brother as a gift.

    1. Hi Samir,
      It has been a while i heard from you. Thanks for stopping by and do have a pleasant week ahead.

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