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Fast access to information cannot be compromised at any point in time and this is why slow systems or PC’s could be a big pain in the neck. Just yesterday, I tried accessing some files on my computer system, it kinda took me a whole lot of time before I was able to access the data I had wanted to consume at that point in time. Imagine the great lost cloned to that singular event. I had lost:

>> More time
>> More Energy
>> Lacked more professionalism in handling my request from my own angle, and a host of other things I may not be able to remember as at this time.

It is often said that time lost can not be regained. Since time is one of the most important factors in the computer world of today, I have come to understand that one will need to optimize his/her system in other not to be conformed to the menaces or challenges of a slow system.

Is your System slow? Are you having a hard time fixing it up? Do you feel that there are some certain things you are not getting right at the moment? Maybe you assumption may be correct, due to the fact that your system or Pc may be given you a great deal of hard times. Like I always say, Tough time doesn’t last, but tough people do. You want to be tough right? Sneak into the top 5 things you do that slows down your system and turbo speed your system.

You’ve Got Too Many Programs Running At Startup

Sometimes we are too busy to see these problems trigger in our very presence. When you have a One Gig Ram or less, and you just got too many programs running at the same time at start up, you system is bound to slow down because these programs have been observed to be consuming more of the computer resources, and only a few or none is reserved for other programs to use. You can stop some of these programs from running on your system via the task manager (Ctrl + Alt + Del). Stop some programs that you aren’t using from the task manager.

Low Ram Or Memory

At this jet age, I least expected anyone to be using a one Gig size of Ram. This can be detrimental to the health of your system especially if you run the latest version of operating system, which is the windows 7 – windows 8. I doubt If you can actually run the windows 8 on a one gig Ram size, since you may be going against the minimum system requirements. A large Ram size can help improve the way you access your system information. You want a super fast system right? Then get a Ram with enough space to serve your present want. The better you opt in for this, the better for you.

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Virus Attack i.e Trojan, worm etc

In as much as I hate to call the name virus, but this can be a major reason while your computer system is still suffering from a “Tortoise Speed.” Windows defender may not be enough reason why you should not install an antivirus. Latest virus threats are discovered at the breaking of a new day. So you got to be using a strong and up to date antivirus program on your system. I would recommend you go for Norton internet security or Avast Internet security, depending on your wants and the features available at that point in time.

Low Hard Disc Storage Space

You may want to disagree with me to some extent, but I think I have got a little live experience in this particular area. Imagine consuming all the available free space on your Hard disc drive, that could lead to a freezing system. It can be very dangerous and above all, unhygienic to the system functionality. At least a minimum of two hundred megabytes (200MB) free space should be left for the system. You don’t have to use up everything because is your Hard disc right? you just have to be professional with the usage of system resources. If need be, an upgrade can be recommended.

Outdated Software, Old Version, No Update In Recent Times

The essence of running system updates is for bug fixes and system patch up. The manufacturers of the Operating system may have released new definition to correct some certain loop holes recently discovered, you have a choice to update to this updates and keep your system less vulnerable to Malware and spyware attack. If you are sure you want to fight the bad guys (Virus,Malware,spyware etc), you must keep the good guys updated with the changes on the web.

A lot of reasons may be the root causes of a slow system, presently I could lay my emphasis on these few points. I hope you had a great time. I know you got something to say. Use the comment box to speak your minds. Your comments will help me improve the quality of this post, so keep it coming.


  1. Hey my computer is very old and its speed is degrading with time, RAM is also very less in that so I feel I should get new one from a good computer brands, but I am not able to decide which brand computer I should buy and I need recommendations guys.

    1. Hi Lisa, sorry for the late reply though, but it is all dependent on the kind of activities you wish to use the system for.