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Tee command is something i have been using for sometime now. The Tee command is not popularly used since only few computer geeks barely know of it talk-less of what it is actually used for. Ever since i learnt the Tee command; i have never stopped using it on daily basis. Is more like becoming the batch file programming that i enjoy using on daily basis too.

What The Tee Command Is All About

Different online media have various answers to give to the definition of the Tee command. Infact i found it hard to get the actual definition of what it was and was actually built for till when i used it.Now let me give you an instance, there are several things you could do with the Tee command, as for me, i have been able to use the Tee command to copy Text files from my command window to a notepad. This includes the result of the netowork pings i have made.

According to wikipedia, the Tee command is used to split the output of a program so that it can be both displayed and saved in a file.The command can be used to capture  intermediate output before the data is distorted or altered by another command or program.

Uses Of The Tee Command

The Tee command generally houses functions like:

>>Split output program so that it can be displayed  and saved in a file
>>It is also used to capture intermediate output
>>It aids you in getting the data just before they are altered
>>Results gotten from pings can be gotten using the Tee command

How To Use The Tee Command To Copy Command Line Out To Windows Clipboard

From you computer start up window, locate your your command window. Simply input the word CMD on the search box of your windows 7 operating system and right click on the icon CMD to run as an administrator. You can see the image below for a visual explanation.

Now here’s a little trick. If you add the pipe* operator (|) to your command followed by the “clip” command, the output of your original command will get saved to the Windows clipboard and won’t print inside the Command Prompt window.

In my case i want to get the pinging result of my network connection copied to a notepad. I pinged my network service to see if  my internet connection was still stable. After pinging it, i received the  result below:

To copy this result and paste into a notepad, you will need to use the Tee command. The tee command for getting the details from a network pings is ipconfig /all | clip .This command should be entered after the result has been shown. This should be beside the c:\> command. If you have entered it correctly, then your result should be like the one below:

How to copy files with Tee Command

After entering the command, open your notepad and paste (Ctrl + V) the network connection details there.This is the result of what i got below:

You can download the network connection details i pasted on my notepad from my end.

For now, this can be done using the windows 7 and windows 8 operating system alone.

  There are other command lines you can use in different functions. These are:
  • dir | clip Copy the content of a folder to the clipboard.
  • tree | clip  Display the recursive directory structure and save it to the clipboard.
  • type error.log | clip Place the content of the file error.log to the clipboard.
  • sort file.txt | clip Sort the file and save the sorted output to the clipbord.
  • ipconfig /all | clip Get details of your network connection for sending to tech support.
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