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Privacy is one easy word to say but sometimes may be very difficult to work with, especially when it involves accessing data without appropriate permission. The act of content theft is really against the data protection act as such, every one wants to prevent any form of data theft by actively securing there data both online and offline. This may also include securing the content on the websites, and securing the contents on the computer hard disk drive.

Have you ever thought of someone playing a fast run on you? that moment you just think that someone may likely insert a Universal Serial Bus (USB) device on your computer without your consent to steal your file(s). It happens every day and we have come to realize that data theft cannot be completely eradicated but measures can be implemented to mitigate the rate of occurrences. Today, we shall be learning on how to disable a USB port on our computer system. Kindly note that this tutorial may also be applicable in the windows Xp operating system but i'd give more relevance to the windows 7 and 8 operating system, since these are the latest from Microsoft.

Why You May Want To Disable Your Computer USB Port

You may have several reasons to disable your USB port, this may include:

>> To Stop or reduce data theft from your system
>> To prevent users from inserting there USB device on your system
>> To prevent virus attack on your system via USB
>> To discourage the usage of USB devices on your system

There may be several other reasons you may want to do this. Just like i said earlier, reasons may have a high dependency ratio on the admins personal predicament at the moment.

3 Ways You Can Disable USB Port On Your Pc

They Are:
  1. Altering registry values for USB Mass Storage Devices.
  2. Disabling USB Ports from Device Manager.
  3. By Un-installing the USB Mass Storage Drivers.

How To Disable USB Port On Your System Via Device Manager

I am not going to be talking about disabling USB port via the system registry because it will be a little bit complex and confusing to some of you. Let me make use of the second method that involves via the device manager.

Let me believe that your PC is on and you are ready to roll with me. Firstly, you must have an administrators privilege in other for you to be able to perform this function.


On your computer, click on your start menu, highlight and right click the option my computer to reveal other settings. You will see the manage option under the my computer.

Click on it. If you have done this correctly, then you should be having something similar to my screen shot below:

On the new windows that pops up, click on device manager, You should see some options with drop down menu on the main pane.Locate the Universal Serial Bus Controllers and click to drop down other options(See image above).

Can you see the number 3 with the circled options in my image above? Yea. Just locate where you got them on your system, right click on each and every option there and click on disable. Once carried out, you have successfully disabled all USB port functionality on your system.

Feel free to tell me about your experience via the comment box below. Please note that you can actually follow the same process to enable your USB port back.


  1. Informative tutorial I guess.

    Thanks for sharing.

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