Housing too many passwords in ones mind seem to be very stressful these days, considering the fact that one has too many problems to worry about and password or pattern lock may be the least in the list when footing these menaces into consideration. Imagine forgetting the locking pattern of your itel android smartphone, you know what that means, more problems added to the list. You can actually reset the pattern lock of your android phone if only you can follow the below steps in achieving this result.

Why You May Be Resetting Your Andriod Pattern Lock

You may need to reset your pattern lock pattern if you have:

n      Lost your password or pattern drawing for your android device.
n      Wish to make a change to your existing pattern lock.
n      May have decided to halt the usage of any drawn pattern on your android phone.

Three Ways You Can Reset The Pattern Lock Of Any Andriod Device.

These are the sure proven ways I have effectively used to reset the pattern lock of any android device. Although this may vary, but it sure would work out if techniques are applied to it. Most of the trusted ways are:

n      Via email or forgot password method
n      Through a hard reset or hard boot
n      And via the usage of a third party unlocking software on a Pc to reset the pattern.

Since I am going to stress on the first two, I wouldn't want you to take  on the third method except the first and second method does not work out.

Itel Andriod Device
Unlocking Or Resetting Andriod Phone Itel Via Email Or Forgot Password

This particular method is mostly effective to users who have there android phone cloned to a particular email address (Mostly Gmail). If your android phone is associated with a valid Gmail account, either to be used in the google playstore or any other purpose, you can use this method as far as you still have access to that email account.

Simply draw any pattern on the android phone you are about setting up more than its limit of five times. An option displays having “Forgot Password.” Click on the  forgot password. A password reset link will be sent to your email. Click on the reset link and continue with the required procedure.

This should eventually lead you to where you can draw your new unlock pattern for your android phone.

Unlocking Or Resetting Andriod Phone Via Hard Reset Or Hard Boot

This is one of the simplest methods of achieving a better result. Many android phones can be unlocked via this particular method. To unlock, follow these steps:

n      Switch off the phone
n      Now try switching it on holding the down volume key and the power button together.
n      You should see an option requesting you to confirm hard reset of the phone, accept and wait for few seconds. Your phone will be reset if you have done this correctly.

Do you know of any other method? then tell me via the comment box provided for you.


  1. Well my brother phone has been locked due to lot of pattern lock attempts. Will now follow these steps and will let you know.

    1. Sure .Thanks for stopping by and do not forget to share

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