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Of lately i have been falling in love with colors. Ranging from red, to blue, green and a host of others. I have found out that color often add some spice to whatever you do. Though Techmaga.com currently does not enjoy massive colour combination as compared to Loadedvilla.com, i think i have made a big mistake not implementing these things to this blog.

Away from blogging stories. Today i felt like sharing the best method or ways you can keep your Gmail account more colorful and professional. Beside the default theme in your Gmail account, one can opt in for a better, cleaner and attractive theme to use on there Gmail account. Though this does not make a huge difference since you may be the only one seeing the color, but it sure suits or meet your need.

With a single click or selection made, Gmail makes it possible for you to change the color and theme of your current Gmail user Interface. Why most persons may prefer anchoring on the current theme being used, others may decide to make use of the varieties of colors provided for the use.

A Good Way To Add Colour And Blend Theme On Your Gmail Account

Currently, i am a heavy user of gmail. I think i have 90% dependency on it; so beautifying it to look so attractive to me is very important and i would not love to ignore the fact that i could change that old interface for a new and better colorful one.

Gmail users can switch theme to the different colours wanted. To spice up your inbox with colours and themes, take a look at the Themes tab under Settings and fiddle with the various themes put in place for your consumption.

This may be one of the reasons why +ebenezer got over excited over the recent color change of his facebook blue theme to another. Is always good to look different or have a different perception of things in an open market. It simply makes you look so unique and stylish.

If you feel there is a need to use a different theme color on your Gmail account, the job is as simple as ABC. Simple opt in for a change via your settings tab on your Gmail account and you are good to go.

Let me have a feel of what your Gmail account looks like. The comment box is open for discussion.


  1. Nice post for customizing gmail and I'd follow this tutorial.


    1. Hi Vicky,
      Thanks for visiting this site. Hope you do explore all the changes made on your gmail account.Recently, new things are introduced on Gmail. Good to have you here. See you again.