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To those that have been speculating the december crash for the biggest financial community in Nigeria, there is a new plan to shut you up for a while. MMM in a recent update announced how they intend rewarding members who PH within the period of 7th December 2016 - 1st of January 2017. So instead of getting your normal 30% bonus in a month, you can now GH up to 50% of your money this festive season.

But come to think of it, i think you can actually gain more you know, maybe consider making a testimonial video of 10% + 30% Monthly Mavro (Interest) + 20% Additional Christmas bonus. Thats like getting a whole 50% during this festive season.

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So, when you provide help, for example, in the amount of 1,000 naira, you will be granted 1,000 Mavro-NGN plus a bonus of 200 Mavro-NGN (so it will look like you provided help for 1,200 naira).

Holiday Bonus Terms:
The bonus is frozen for a month after the PH-request is created.The bonus will be granted only for “new” money. It means, if you created a request to get help after December 7 and later you provided help for the amount you withdrew, you will not get the bonus.

You should not create a request to get help until the bonus is unfrozen (this will be after one month of providing help). Otherwise, the bonus will disappear.These conditions are necessary. Otherwise members will repeatedly withdraw the money and provide help for the same amount many times in order to get the bonus. So, if you want to receive the bonus, you should not create a GH-request from December 7 until the moment the bonus is unfrozen.


  1. Visit the MMM Nigeria official Website: mmm-nigeria
  2. Or Click the Registration link to register
  3. Enter your First name and Surname.
  4. Enter your email address.
  5. Enter your Mobile Phone Number (Example: +2348036661234)
  6. Enter your password.
  7. Confirm password.
  8. Enter allixontopz@gmail.com as invite email address ( Please make sure you enter this mail as your invite mail so i can also assist you when you are confused)
  9. Guider's Phone Number: Leave blank, as system will automatically allocate this.
  10. Enter Picture Code.
  11. Check the "Warning" checkbox.
  12. Click REGISTER IN MMM Button on the MMM website.


Remember to add your bank account upon completion and contact me on whatsapp with 08161851888 for help

Once you are through, you can now start Providing Help and Getting Help. I would not want anyone to scam you and as such, if you registered with my mail, i will be sending you guidelines and will help you out where necessary.


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