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What seems to have sparked alot of annoyance and complaints among internet data user over the past few days may be temporarily be on hold at the moment. If you are a Nigerian, you will understand what it means to get reliable and cheap data plans either daily, weekly, or monthly and how small this packages comes for an unbelievable high price. NCC, the body that regulates the activities of Nigeria's mobile telecommunication industry recently gave instructions to network companies to increase the price of their data prices.

For example, data services that sold for N1000 for 1.5Gb was increased to N3000 for 1.5Gb and this recent development was meant to be effective from the 1st of December, 2016. Just few hours before this decision becomes a reality,NCC suspends this increment till further notice. Below is a report from TVC News Nigeria.

In a recent
The Nigerian Communications Commission on Wednesday announced the immediate suspension of the new minimum pricing template for data services by mobile operators.

The new rate, which would have led to price increase in data for some Nigerians, was scheduled to take effect from December 1.

The NCC said the decision is to allow for further consultation.

The NCC’s decision comes a few hours after the Senate ordered a stop to the planned increase.

More details will be announced later.

For now you can see the hottest updates from all networks Here.


  1. At last a great news to hear from the company as the customers were really worried about the increase in prices. Maybe they will increase later but for now its good.

  2. The suspension of planned data tariff price increase by the NCC is a relief for consumers. Online Crashing GTA It reflects a responsive approach to public concerns about rising costs.