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Yesterday i made a post related to the importance of google webmaster and why you should be submitting your site map google. While making the post, i stumbled on an interesting settings on google webmaster. The webmaster tool actually allows you to choose the countries or set your geographical target.

It allows google serve your content the most to people from a particular geographical region. I am actually talking about the google geographical target settings. Have you been so careful as to observe some of the functions included in the google webmaster tool? If No, you are missing quite a number of functions on the webmaster tool.

Why You Should Have A Good Romance With The Google Webmaster Tool

One of the major goal of every blog or content creator, is the chance to be heard, and have there content read by people. Anyone who suffers from low traffic tends to push it up using the 8 but bad effective ways to drive traffic to a blog and you know that the number of persons or daily visitors that come to your site automatically triggers the amount of money you should be earning per day, especially if you make money online via media.net.

A good romance with the google webmaster tool simply aids you have a blog that is google friendly and user friendly too. If your blog content is crawed without any hassle, then you are left with the choice of ranking above your competitors in search result.

What Google Does When You Target A Particular Location

For instance, my blog is targetted at people staying in the united state. This invariably means that i have asked search engine to feed my content mostly to people from this geographical location. Your target should be influence by what you post or the type of articles you publish on your site.

Definitely, you are not going to get more readers if your blog content is niche around a different country, and you targeted audience are people living in the USA or other countries. It does not work that way.

How To Drive Traffic From The US And Canada With Google Webmaster tool

Like i said earlier on, i was about making a little change on my webmaster account when i mistakenly stumbled on this setup that allows you to set your main targetted geographical region. It is has been noticed that blogs that drives traffic from countries like the USA and Canada, tends to earn more money online due to the valuable competition received from such locations when compared to blogs with targetted traffic from India or some related countries.

The good news is that you can now setup up your geographical location or your main targetted audience by completing geographical location settings on your google webmaster account. By default, the box for targeted location is unticked. You can target any country of your choice by choosing your preferred country as your site main target.

Step 1 (Log Into Your Webmaster Dashboard)

From your browser, simply go to www.google.com/webmasters and sign in. If you have never used this service before, simply verify your site and read up how to submit your site map to google.

Upon successful log in, choose your preferred site and continue. On your dashboard, simply click on the settings icon on your right hand header. You should see a list of available options. Choose site settings(Circled In Red). If you have done this correctly, then you should be having a window similar to mine below:

On the next page, you should see an option titled "Geographic Target." Select your area of target and tick the country of your choice.

How To Add Your Business To Google Maps

To add you business to google maps, simply click on the add business to google maps option just as seen below:

It has been a great session with you today. You can drop your comments below. I will happily reply you asap. Have a nice day and cheers...


  1. You taught us such an amazing thing through you post.I will definitely use webmaster tool,it is so useful.Thank you so much for sharing.