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Today i made a video on how you can actually create a partition on your windows 7 hard disc without formatting. I uploaded it on youtube few days ago. Remember we said in our last post that youtube is one sure way one can make money online. Incase you have not heard of how to make money via adsense foryoutube videos, simply click on the hyperlinks to refresh your memory.

Aim Of Disc Partitioning

Disc partitioning is very important. I consider it necessary in many ways. It aids you store information in different ways. In a lay man’s definition, disc partitioning is a good way of storing different books in the same library. You can have physics, chemistry, mathematics and biology, assigned to there different locations but all contained in the same library.

Wikipedia explains disc partitioning as the act of dividing a hard disc drive into multiple or several logical storage units referred to as partitions, to treat one physical disk drive as if it were a multiple disk so that different file system can be used in the different partitions

Why You Should Partition Your Hard Disc

Now you feel at ease searching for information on a particular disc because it is often faster and information is served to you faster. This is because the partitioned disc houses lesser data and searching though that particular logical unit consumes less time. I can decide to create as many disc partitions on my system without actually doing it from startup format.

If you are that type that enjoys storing varieties of information, then the disc partitioning is meant for you. This is not a new thing, but like I said earlier, no knowledge is a waste.I am not going to pen it down as i have already acted the whole process on youtube.

The Video Tutorial On How To Partition A Hard Disc On Windows 7 Without Formatting.

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