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Smartphones have become one of the most trending must have gadgets in recent years, and one can not blame the fact that Smartphones are penetrating into the hearts of interested mobile users deeper and faster than ever imagined as a result of its amazing features. Gaming on the other hand for some Smartphone users is just not something that should be joked with and this sometimes leads to the purchase of Andriod devices with larger Ram size and inbuilt space. Now alot of persons may be wondering, the perfect Ram size to get, more especially in this dispensation that muiti-tasking can not be avoided.

Slow phones provokes, and for sure; alot of you guys may not be needing to use any mobile that crawls even faster than a snail but faster than a Cheetah. Maga Blogger made some research on the top mobile phones with 6GB Ram,256 ROM and 6000MAH that are absolutely affordable. Coming from some third world countries with epileptic power supply, one can not under estimate the power of a 6000 MAH battery. And for Game Freaks and advanced users, a 6Gig Ram size is just a starting point for the show down. These Smartphones may not be getting the recogniztion as they deserve but believe me, this piece of gadgets are must have and as such, users with insight of what a Smartphone should do and not do will have no other option than to patronize any of these devices.

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So below are four 6GB Smartphone with 6000MAH you would want to buy:

ASUS Z2 Poseidon

6gb ram smartphones

According to a recent reasearch conducted, the mobile company  the first to introduce a 4GB RAM handset in the world, so we really look forward to see what they will do with a 6GB RAM one. If it is this ASUS Z2 Poseidon or the ASUS Z1 Titan in the next page, we’ll become crazy. In terms of ASUS Z2 Poseidon specs, its is said to sport a 6.0-inch Quad HD display, a new Intel chip (said to be a 2017 version), a 16MP rear + 5MP front camera set, up to 6GB RAM, and 256GB of internal memory. Besides, Android N OS and a massive 6,000mAh battery are also mentioned as what stay under the hood to run the whole machine.

In terms of ASUS Z2 Poseidon specs, its is said to sport a 6.0-inch Quad HD display, a new Intel chip (said to be a 2017 version), a 16MP rear + 5MP front camera set, up to 6GB RAM, and 256GB of internal memory. Besides, Android N OS and a massive 6,000mAh battery are also mentioned as what stay under the hood to run the whole machine.

 ASUS Z1 Titan

6GB RAM smartphones

As for ASUS Z1 Titan specs, they will offer 6GB of RAM, 256GB of ROM, a Snapdragon 830 processor, and a 5.5-inch Super AMOLED Quad HD screen. Additionally, Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS, a 3,500mAh battery, and a package of 16MP main cam with a dual LED flash plus 5MP secondary

 ZTE Nubia X8

Nubia X8 feature a 6 inch 1080p screen , uses Snapdragon 820 CPU, builds in 4GB RAM, 64GB ROM, has 5120mAh super battery. Nubia X8 has an integrated full metal fuselage, use three-stage design, supports fingerprint sensor.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 6

A recent leak out of China via social media network Weibo – suggested that the Galaxy Note 6 specs would be as follows:

5.77-inch display
2K (QHD) screen resolution
Qualcomm Snapdragon 823 processor
Adreno 530 GPU
256GB storage
4,200mAh battery
IP68-certified waterproof/dustproof body
We know what you're thinking – '6GB RAM?! Ludicrous!'.

Users are often amazed at the RAM size "6Gig."This is a great implementation from Samsung.

If you think you got the perfect mobile to add to this post, please use the comment box below to tell me what you think about this.


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