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Wireless charging seems to be the recent trend in the world as smartphone companies and users are gradually dumping the wired charging technology for the Wireless charging system and this has spark crazy thoughts that may suggest a decline in the usage of wired chargers in the future. For Samsung users, this may just be one of the normal technologies, since the Samsung Galaxy S6 was built to communicate efficiently with the wireless charging technology; but to iPhone users, this may be another good news for the smartphone users to enjoy the efficient charging style the wireless technology provides.

The new Juice Pack battery cases come with a wireless charging base that will recharge your iPhone while magnetically holding it in place, making it usable on vertical surfaces like in a car, or on a stand on your desk.

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 The new Juice Packs are compatible with the iPhone 6 / 6S and 6 Plus / 6S Plus providing an extra 1560mAh and 2420mAh, respectively. (There's also a version of the case for the Samsung Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge.)

It will cost you if you intend charging your mobile phone via the use of this wireless charging technology and i believe to others, there is nothing too much to  spend on a technology that eases stress and is rarely used. The Juice Pack and included wireless charging base will cost you $99 for the 6 / 6S or $129 for the larger 6 Plus / 6S Plus version. The desk mount comes in at $59.95, as does the vent mount for your vehicle, bringing the grand total to a minimum of $220 to charge your iPhone wirelessly at home, work, and in the car.

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