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If you would want to get a background in programming, i think Fortran is good to an extent. Though alot of persons have considered it outdated, but nothing should be forgotten as no knowledge gotten is considered a waste. Well! Following the growth in technology both in Programming and the computer age, one would not argue the fact that compatibility has been a big issue in terms of the 32 bits Operating System and the 64 bit Operating systems.

Now if you live in an era where you would be needing to install the WATFOR77 or any other fortran compiler that runs on only 32 bit operating system on your 64 bit Windows Operatins system then this post is actually written for your sake. So what do you have? A 64 Bit Operating System? Lets try the installation below.

How to Install FORTRAN Programme On a 32bit or 64 bit Operating System:

Here are some things you may be needing during the installation of Fortran:

1. Doshell. Download 
2. Dosbox. Download (Select that of Windows)
3. WATFOR77 Compiler, you should have it already. If you don’t have it, you can let me know via the comment box.  

Let me assume you have all these ready. 

Get your System ready. Once downloads of your Doshell and Dosbox has been completed, install your Dosbox and after-which, install your Doshell. It can be installed easily.

Final Guide:

I believe you’ve got it installed already. Now launch your Doshell. 

First Challenge:

You may get a notification with the write up “The Dosbox folder has not been specified or does not exist.Please set it on the panel accessible throught the tool bar menu edit”- ‘settings”

If  you are getting an issue like this, just Ok it to launch your Doshell. On your Doshell, follow the procedures below:

1.Click on the Edit Button
2.Select “Settings

You would see a blank field label “Folder Path,” Click on Browse and select your Dosbox folder from your C:// Drive. Here is an address of my Dosbox folder on my C drive C:\Program Files (x86)\DOSBox-0.74 .Note that yours may be different, so it is wise you search for your Dosbox folder on your C drive and select it. Get the screenshot below:

Once you get there, click on the Ok button. Now the next step is for you to get your fortran compiler working on your system.

Just before running the compiler, try to exit your Doshell and re-launch so you will be sure Doshell has been fully enabled. If you don’t get the Dialog box warning you to set up Dosbox, then you are on the right track but if not, then repeat the whole process again from the beginning.

Installing WARFOR77 Compiler Via Doshell
Launch Doshell and click on the edit menu option
Click on Add new entry and try to make your settings similar to the one below.

All on your path to executable programme, select your WATFOR77 compiler. Locate the folder and select it. Here is the address to my WATFOR77 compiler on my own system C:\Users\Allison\Desktop\FORTRAN 77\WATFOR77.EXE Once you have done that, your screen should look similar to the one below.

I love it when you ask questions, let me know when you are lost,i will be here to help out.