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If you have the slightest idea of the amount of money you are missing out as an upcoming musician or a super mega star that is not using the itune store, then you will have no other choice than to read this article bumper to bumper. Alot of Musicians are yet to utilize the greatest opportunities of making money from their musics or tracks, and this is mostly reoccurring among African Artist, they mostly depend on Shows, and Brand Endorsement for finances forgetting the fact that, Online can not be left out, in this world of technology.

Apple Itunes store is one of the easiest way you can get more money off the musics you have copyright to. iTunes is the best way to organize and enjoy the music and movies you already have — and shop for the ones you want to get.

N/B: Ensure that your have rights to any music you plan selling via itunes or else, the you may be penalized.

I won't be taking more of your time, but let me quickly outline the benefits of having your music on Apple itune Store:

Benefits of Having Your Music on iTunes
- More exposure to your brand
- Ability to sell your album or tracks to your consumers abroad or far
- More Money in your pocket (Steady Stream of income)
- It gives your business a professional presentation.

Other Benefits Ensures you:

- Get your music on iTunes quickly.
- Keep 100% of your revenue & rights.
- Monitor your sales with daily iTunes sales trend reports.
- Make your upcoming album or single available for pre-sale with iTunes pre-order.

Build excitement with your fans by making your album, single or EP available for sale before your official release date (only your Instant Gratification Tracks will be immediately downloadable). If you set up an iTunes pre-order, then prior to your release date, you can market your release with an iTunes Buy Link, offer your fans Instant Gratification tracks and set a special pre-order price. In addition to pleasing your fans, your pre-order sales count towards your iTunes chart position. You can set up an iTunes pre-order while you are distributing your music with TuneCore.

How to Sell Your Music,movies etc on itunes

To sell your product, Fill the Itune Online Application form and continue with the registration process.


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