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You can always root your Tecno phones in one simple steps. Previously on this blog, i shared a tip on how you can root the newly introduced Nokia X Andriod phone without the need of a PC right? if you missed it, then you have to go through it.

Tecno phones seems to have flooded the African Market, maybe this could be been as a result of its low cost. Though not everyone loves to root there device for any reason, others who felt they could do more with there phones just feel this need to root it in other for it to support every application. You must have learnt on the importance of rooting an Andriod phone previously on this blog in the phone category. It is so easy and you would have felt embarrassed that you actually had no idea on how to root an Andriod phone before now. Thats by the way.

Today, you are gonna see very few simple steps on how to root a Tecno Phantom A3 M9 using the Vroot software on Pc.

Before you continue with this tutorial, simply make available the following requirements:

-- The Tecno Phone you are about to root ( Tecno Phantom A3 M9)
-- Install PdaNet+ on your PC
-- Make sure you have downloaded and installed this file. Download This file.The file is probably 7.8Mb in size. So you should enough data to download.

If you are certain that you have met up all these requirements, then enable developer options on your phone by clicking on settings + About. At this point, you are expected to tap the build number close to 7 times to activate the developer options or will i say enable it.

You have done that right? Now go to settings + Developer Options. Switch on USB Debugging. Remember that you are going to carry out this action via the use of a Pc. So this part is very important.

If you have not installed you PdaNet file, please do so. Your phone is not meant to be connected to your Pc during the installation of the PdaNet software. So terminate any connection between your device and the Pc and only restore connection between both devices when prompted to. If you feel you have missed it, start reading afresh.

By the time you are done selecting your phone model, you will prompted to connect your phone to your Pc via a Universal Serial Board (USB). Do as requested. Once connection has been made, the both device will have the PdaNet files fully installed.

Install VRoot on your PC. Note that this app is in Chinese but you should install it just like you would install any other app on your PC and wait for the device to be connected. Press the Hit button and wait for a few seconds. That should solve your problem.Simply install Superuser from the playstore and you are done.

Still Doubting If Your Phone Has Been Successfully Rooted?

Incase you doubt, simple recheck your phone root status by running root checker on you mobile device. That should reveal the root status on your phone.

Where To Buy
To buy this phone, visit konga.com and search through the phone categories.

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  1. Wonderful tutorial for rooting the tecno phantom A3 M9.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Samir,
      Thanks for stopping by.My last visit to your blog simply shows that you are doing an awesome job there. Rooting is one thing every lover of andriod should do on a newly bought device. It gives you open door for a new experience. :-s