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There has been a kitchen dialogue between popular blogging platform "Wordpress," and Google hosted "Blogger." The bone of contention is "Which is better between "Wordpress or Blogger." I tailored my idea of the best platform without support for any because i use both platforms for blogging purposes. You have asked this kind of question in the past without receiving any answer. Permit me to say that i got no answer to this question as both blogging platforms are better and to me, non is better than the other

You can measure up with the merits and demerits of using the two, weigh and come up with qualitative analysis on which is the best. I would'nt want to stress much about this long dead baseless dialogue as i earlier said. Every new blogger thinks wordpress is the answer to there quest for increasing numbers of visitors to there site, in other words called "Traffic." This may be true to some extent but may be fallacious at the end. There are several reasons why you should remain on google hosted platform and that is why todays post has been cooked up to be served to you hot, and palatable. Some of the reasons you may need to remain on blogger platforms are:

Low Cost Of Maintenance

One of the first mistakes i made as a blogger, was to migrate my blog from Google hosted blogger to wordpress. There was a time i had wanted to switch my site to a simple machine forum but my plans was distorted as a result of my laziness to manually publish my post on the new SMF platform. If you are going to measure the cost of maintaining a site, then Blogger should be your most preferred choice. I must confess, but it is difficult to self host a blog on the wordpres platform. Imagine spending up to fifteen thousand naira (One hundred dollars) on a site on yeary basis just to keep it online 24/7. That is a lot of money, especially when compared to the fact that you hardly get the return either from the Google adsense program, media.net or other online money making ways.

That is sure gonna hurt you and i could discourage you alot. If you are thinking of leveraging on the free platform  provided for you by Google, then blogger is the best. One good thing about blogger is that you are not required to be an advanced  coding expert to implement a clean and responsive design. All you need is a nice template and you are good to go.

Less Vulnerable To Hackers - Security Tight

If you are a novice and you are  looking for less troubles, or you want to stay away from hackers, then blogger  is a good choice of platform. I remember having issues of hackers invading my wordpress site after i successfully migrated from blogger to wordpress at the initial stage of my blogging career. I was like "Holy Cow." It was something i had never  thought  of facing. All the while i was on blogger, i never experienced any malware attack until when i was fully on WordPress. Though the problems i encountered prepared a solid ground for me to learn some certain things about WordPress, it was really a hell in a cell before i could proffer solution to the problems i was faced with. Wouldn't want you to face these problems since you may not be able to combat it.

 Little Or No Coding Skills Needed

Unlike other platforms with exception of wordpress, the Blogger platform lets you run professional looking site with little or no coding skills required. Setting up a blogger account is as easy as creating a gmail account. Though professionalism tends to show itself when you need to improve on the looks of your site. Thats where the men are seperated from the boys i guess. A touch of professional looks can be given to the site hosted on blogger; though it is going to be limited by the fact that Google hosted blogger accounts lacks the presence of a cpanel.

As little as you know, you can set up a great Google hosted blogger site and start your own niche  of online journalism. Though i had little or no interest in the blogger platform, because i had housed the mentality that it drifts you away from the idea of building and managing your site content yourself rather than Google. If you lacked a good coding skills, then remaining on a Google hosted blogger account is the most effective thing.

Customizable Domain Name

Apart from the fact that you can run a Google hosted blogger account with little or no skills, it is easy to direct a custom domain name to your blog. A default Google hosted blog comes with names like Yoursitename.blogspot.com. Blogger platform makes it possible for you to change the name to www.yoursite.com while remaining on the same platform. Infact, Techmaga is currently running on blogger platform and i think i am enjoying it so far. It is so easy and stressfree unlike how much it cost me to run and maintain a blog like Loadedvilla.com

So you can redirect a custom domain name for your blog on your Google hosted account in just three simple steps. It is nice and easy to do. In the case you need a professional to handle that for you, then you can contact me. Please note that it may not be free. Don't worry, i won't cut you neck, just a cup of coffee will do.

Third Party Ads i.e Google Adsense, Media Net Etc, Can Be Installed

If you think you may not be able to run other ads on your Google hosted platform, then it is a big lie. You can run other contextual ads on your site. What is needed from you is a quality traffic and a 100% engagement, and you are done. You will see the money rolling in. I got a couple of friends that make money online via this platform; may not be mentioning there names because of privacy.

No Need For Steady Updates

Unlike wordpress that demands you to manually update from one version of wordpress to the other, Google hosted blogger allows you feast on them for everything, including the upgrade or update of your site.All you have to do is continue publishing

Unlimited Bandwidth

Though some hosting companies claim to be giving unlimited storage space and bandwidth, there are still some conditions attached to it. On the google hosted blogger platform, there is really no need to monitor your bandwidth consumption, as you get to depend on Google's free services for survival. They treat you better if your blog has not been marked as a spam blog though.

So if you are thinking of consuming more bandwidth  and CPU usage for free, then Google hosted Blogger is simply the best option. Do not rush in for other platforms because others are running into it. Run into it because you feel your level or the demand for such platform has been noticed.

Easy To Setup Widgets

You don't need the help of any expert  to help you set up  the widget on your blog. You really need to know how to read and write in other to carry out such tasks. Google provides you with some useful widgets while some third party widgets can be introduced into the system.

Please note that the use of so many widgets may have a negative impact on the loading time or speed of your blog. The lesser the better and the more your chances of having a page one it on the search engines. Hmmmmm! so how many points have i mentioned; hold on let me count from the top.

Google Plus Friendly

If there is one thing i enjoy the most from the blogger platform, then that is "Google Plus." Google plus is a social network owned and managed by Google. Since Blogger is a product of Google, then there is a need to use the Google Plus system on your blogger blog. Google plus has a way of driving great traffic to your blog. A couple of times, Google plus has been one of my major driving forces of traffic in recent times. The fact that you can mention names of people you wish to refer a post to while making your article, simpley dazzles a touch of beauty and SEO to your blog. Big names could start running after you afer mentioned there names

Because I Encouraged You To Stay

If you think you lacked any of the mentioned professional skills, then you need to stay on a simplified platform till when you operation can be turbo boosted to the next level

The truth is that you can make it on any platform. All you need it strive more for the best and your platform will be use as the best. Why not, i really need to hear what you think about this post. Let me know via the comment box provided for you below,


  1. Because they are free and very great downtime.

    1. Yea. They are free but i don't think you are right about the word "downtime." Did you actually mean uptime or what?

  2. I almost spend 2 years on blogger and I'm really happy with their free service.

    1. Yea. Blogger does have great services. I really love to use them for a blog i'd really do not want more customization on. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Well blogger is fast and provided awesome support.

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