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Konga.com has always been my favorite shopping centre. I'd love to work with them in the future even though my proposal is often not replied. Thats by the way, for some time now i 'd wanted to talk about the Konga marketplace ( Seller HQ by Konga) , that is making waves for retailers and  market sellers to double boost there income in the shortest time frame.

Testimonies have not stopped rolling in, as one of Nigeria's Biggest and finest online ecommerce shop has been doing alot of great things in the ecommerce business.Konga that was known in the past, is not the same Konga that is known today. I have seen them roll from one stage to another and it is simply amazing that the change these guys are implementing is simply one of the best because of its positive impacts in the society today.

A Chance For You To Maximize Your Sales Online

Are you a seller, do you sell varieties of goods like fashion, Electronics, home appliances, Mobile phones, shoes, handbags, books and stationary, baby kits, toys,Games, computers and other electronics? If your answer is YES, then you have just won a jackpot for yourself. Konga is officially extending there kind hands to those who want to sell goods on the Konga.com platform. Alot of merchants have given there testimonies concerning the increase in sales after they joined in the Konga Marketplace offer, and this is something i must not keep to myself alone.

What You Stand To Gain As A Konga.com Seller

When you register to be a Konga seller, you stand a chance to introduce your business to over fifty million buyers nationwide. Imagine having a cut in the traffic of Konga, that would be fabulous and you know it. No fees for now, No hidden charges, only play your role perfectly and get rewarded by Konga.com.

A great testimonial displayed on the official website of my favorite ecommerce store discloses how a seller was able to shoot sales of his business within the period of five months. I was like "Wow," this guys are really amazing. A quote from the seller denotes the following messages below:

"Chuka Nzeka's WMJ Store is dedicated to selling authentic fashion products. He went into ecommerce five months ago by selling on Konga and has seen his sales and customer base expand rapidly. Konga is proud to support Nigerian businesses like Chuka's to grow. In his words "My company has doubled its monthly sales in five months and continues to grow."

This shows how Chuka Nzeka's store expereinced a drastic increase in profit. You may be selling in a low scale to customer within your locality, don't you think is high time you hit Konga this trust that Chuka Nzeka gave to them? Yes' i'm sure you are thinking about it. Just before you nod your head to accept this, let me facinate you the more with the additional gain attached to the Konga market place.

-- You Gain the opportunity of having a free online store front.
-- Sell On Nigeria's leading ecommerce platform
-- Get Personal account officer to help grow your business
-- No commission till October 1st 2014
-- Free registration

I got you right? then lets get it rolling. Take your business to the next level, register as a seller and start selling to a wider number of buyers. You know what that means? you've got the chance to make money online as heard over the years.

Konga and UPS have created a simple and free delivery service for you, all you have to do is package your orders, make sure you have your Seller HQ details and details of the order, then drop your parcel at any of the UPS offices below. UPS will do the rest and the best news is you will not pay for this service!

If not Konga, then it can be another. Let me hear what you think of this information below. Have a nice day. Cheers!


  1. Well I'm not from nigeria but the stuff you've shared seems informative.


    1. Yea. One disadvantage to them is they have more domination in Nigerian at the moment. But trust Konga, they are gonna have wide spread branches soonest. Just incase such a thing comes up, you would be the first to know. Thanks for dropping your comment.

  2. The post is really helpful.

    Thanks for share.