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The mozilla firefox browser has been one of the most used and leading mobile and Pc browser in the world. Though Operamini seems to have over dominated the mobile world, but lovers of web HTML will agree with me that mozilla firefox is a good alternative for a mobile browser with so much features when compared to some certain level. Though most of my friends would rather prefer the Google Chrome to the mozilla firefox, citing there reasons in several things they feel should be included in the mozilla firefox, such as a cleaner interface and the rest of it.

If you are late then let me inform you that the world's leading open source software programmers have made a recent update to the Mozilla Firefox browser. Now you can use the  version 30.0 which comes with a cleaner and more friendly user interface.

Two days ago, while i was browsing the internet, i received a pop up from my Pc browser (Mozilla to be precise) to install the just downloaded recent version of the mozilla firefox.I admitted and after a couple of minutes, my firefox was upgraded to the latest version which is to version 30.0. There are some things i noticed while using firefox 30.0, and these are cleaner interface, the google Chrome ephizzy, and a host of other things i may not be able to mention at this point in time. Forgive me, i had to draft this post for like 6 days before making publication. I am in Port Harcourt city now, and the idea of power is simply driving me crazy.
Thats by the way. A few things you may notice about the Firefox browser version 30.0 includes:

Cleaner Interface (More User Friendly)

While i surf the web with my newly upgraded browser, i observed that the Mozilla team had put together such a wonderful browser. The Firefox Browser is kinda having a similar look with the Google Chrome browser. Mozilla may not deny the fact that most of its initiative in the development of this browser was probably stolen from the Google Chrome. I am not hallucinating though, but that is what i noticed.

Freezing Browsing Mitigated

Before i did my update, i was having the challenge of speed. My Firefox browser was freezing at interval, and this was one of the reasons i had to run possible upgrade to the latest version. It is so cool to see url browsed come out without any hassle in it.

Relocation Of Menu Buttons To The Top Right

Google Chrome has its menu buttons located to te right, and i guess that was what mozilla had that was what mozilla Firefox had to imitate. With the relocation of buttons, you can as well get to use all functions without scratching the earth for Gold. Firefox Users are at liberty to use the menu buttons provided for them.

History And Bookmark Buttons Layout Optimized

When you check out for your browsing history, you can get it delivered to you via an advance slide out to the left. It no longer drops down from above just as the previous versions. There are possible other things i did not make mention of; and that is left or you to say.

Download Mozilla Firefox 30.0

To enjoy more of this features from Mozilla itself, simply download Firefox version 30.0 from the website of Mozilla firefox. Don't make me feel greedy. Talk is cheap. Share what you think about this browser using the comment box below. I will be somewhere waiting for you.