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From the sincere part of my heart, i will try as much as possible not to be bias at any point because i am about giving you my sincere review of these two ecommerce website (Konga.com and Jumia.com.ng)  in Nigeria, that is between "Konga and Jumia," Nigeria most visited ecommerce website. Konga and Jumia came into existence at an almost the same time which should be between the year 2011/2012 or so, and from then till now, Nigerians have not stopped exerting high patronage to these ecommerce websites which automatically pulls me intrusive to the table of who is the best. I may not be able to give you a sincere review of these two ecommerce sites but with the experience i gained while using these sites to purchase products, i will  simply give you a briefing of what i noticed about these two ecommerce giants.

The Battle Line - Konga.com Vs Jumia.com.ng

Before now, many Nigerians were most interested in buying goods online via popular websites like "Amazon,"Ebay," and the host of other world class rated ecommerce website before the introuduction of Konga and Jumia. Every business has a target, and that target is to see that customer wants is satisfied while still making profit.The two Nigerian owned ecommerce website were born into the internet world almost the same year if not for some few months differences in age of both ecommerce site.

Between Konga.com and Jumia.com.ng, i could realize that the margin between the both, in terms of sales was not too much. Though most of the stocks on Konga.com seems cheap, Jumia maybe cheaper sometimes and the reverse may be the case; depending on the wants of the buyer at that particuar point in time. I will consider few points and may not draw you into a quick judgement but will allow you to conclude based on my points given. I am looking at both companies, in terms of delivery, charges, customer care, durability of product, aftercare service etc.


In as much as the Nigerian ecommerce business is still growing, i still have my say that the delivery of both online business or will i say the time frame involved in the delivery of their product is pretty much. On Konga, it virtually takes 4 to 7 working days to get your goods delivered to your location whereas it may even take longer to get your goods delivered if the company is not reminded by the company. Now the big question is; is Jumia.com.ng better than Konga in terms of delivery or should they be set on the same pace? Hell No. The both ecommerce site have these sluggish nature in getting your product delivered to you on time. I normally blame this on massive customer base maybe. Both companies need to step up in there own little way.

Delivery Charges

In terms on the charges levied on the goods, i will rather give a thumbs up to Konga. I think there N1,500 naira policy is really working for them. I remember ordering a product on Jumia and was charged about N3,500 to get it delivered to my destination. Konga charges far lesser on any goods. I guess that has really worked out for them in housing or winnning more customers to there way.

Customer Care

This is really a no go area on both ecommerce website. There customer care is highly non responsive and i can't help but pick groans when i am not attended to on time. I think these companies need to work on there customer care. I remember having a slam on a customer care on Jumia, she/he actually replied my mail in a harsh tone and i was like " Did i beg this dude for a meal ticket to warrant this treatment"? Konga is not left behind in this. I still remember when i was trying to prove a point to the customer care representative on Konga but she would not let me speak. She prefers forcing me to listen to her on my own credit instead of the reverse to be the case. The case of customer care among these two ecommerce giants is something the company must look into. More customers are won via responsive customer care support. In terms of customer care, the both companies deserve a zero score.

Durability Of Goods

In terms of durability, i think both companies are good. Better goods are delivered between both companies. Though you may notice some defects on the goods, you can always make a change. Thats one good part of it. Talking about the return policy, i think these ecommerce site should make a review of there return policy. The department taking responsibilities of this should be on there feet. I have used Konga, and it was so annoying. I had to start calling the private lines of there customer care for my case to be attended to. Too bad for a company. Beside that, Konga and Jumia deliver great goods. A thumbs up to that.

After Care Service

One thing i have noticed about companies in Nigeria is that they lack the attitude of aftercare service. There major goal is just to make sales and realize profit and not to satisfy human want. I think these two ecommerce giants would look into this, they may in turn house more customers.

The reward is always bigger than the risk in most cases. I never made this review to discriminate or castigate, but to ginger and point out where the mistakes are coming from. I have patronized goods from Konga and equally Jumia. But both have enough elapses that should be covered.

Over to you, what do you think of these two sites. Have your patronage with them been a success story or a failure story? then let me hear from you.


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