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I am so sorry for not making any publication for months now, indeed i am on my kneels. Well since i am back, i am going to make things happen just the way we have always made it happen in the past.

Have you heard of the Infinix Zero 3 (X552) Hero3logy? if you have not heard sh*t about it then you just got to hurry up and get in the known. For some days now, the trending topic in the lips of alot of persons is the Infinix Zero 3 mobile device which is said to have about 20.7MP camera. At first i had thought that the Infiniz Zero 3 is just a normal mobile device not far fetch from the Other products of Infinix Zero as seen here but only to discover a slight difference.

Inside the Camera
Apart from the Fact that the Infinix Zero 3 comes with a 3Gig Ram memory which is suitable for Game freaks like +Soki Briggs one other thing i have been trying to comprehend is the price and how one can actually purchase it. For a phone so much hyped with a 20.7Mp camera then the price should be nothing less than the cost of buying a land in my village (Lol). Enough of the Jokes, Seriously Infinix brought the mobile giants in Africa and beyond to a standstill when they announced their much anticipated mobile device. Now the question is "Would the 20MP hyped plastic worth the Hype"?

Honestly speaking; beside the Hyped Camera and Ram i am yet to see a spectacular thing about the phone.

Below are some of the photos taken with the Infinix Zero 3:
Photo credits : Salami Sulaimon

Photo credits : Salami Sulaimon

Photo credits : Salami Sulaimon
I got a glimps into the camera of the newly introduced Zero 3 and realize the camera quality is awesome but not when compared to the Camera quality of the Samsung Galaxy 5 and beyond. I got you the full specification and the price; and i hope in the next few days it should be available for purchase in any of the Nigerian online stores:

Specification, Features and Price of The Infinix Zero 3

The Display

The ZERO 3 has a great 5.5-inch Full HD screen at the front with a pixel density of 400ppi (1080P). Its screen is protected with super tough Corning Gorilla Glass 3 for unrivaled scratch resistant and high light transmittance, allowing users to experience greater clarity for immersive gaming and videos.

Infinix ZERO 3 is built with an IPS technology which enables 178 degree wide viewing angle. IPS have the advantage that they allow for a slimmer design as well as offer better battery efficiency, which can result in better battery life.

The Cameras

The rear side of the Infinix ZERO 3 sports a 20.7 Megapixels camera with SONY IMX230 CMOS sensor which exceeds expectations with enhanced light sensitivity combined with a 6P Largan lens to retain vivid details even when enlarging or cropping images. It sports a dual LED flash.

A 5 megapixels camera is provided in the front for flawless selfies and wefies. The camera features BSI photosensitive components and 1.4um large pixel capabilities for 30% enhanced light intake, smart gesture, which probably means you will be able to snap a picture by waving your hand.

Pro Camera Modes

Pro Camera Modes allow the ZERO 3 to satisfy daily shooting requirements of avid users. Based on environment, setting such as ISO and shutter speed can be configured. Users can produce professional photos without third-part apps. There are 8 unique filters to choose from including memory, Whiteboard, Mono, Gorgeous, Sepia, Elegant, Fresh, and Negative. HDR mode increases motion range for enhanced details and more vibrant tones.

Hardware & Software

Infinix ZERO 3 is coming with a power boost. The smartphone is powered by a Real 64-bit Octa-Core processor which clocks in at 2.20GHz for a benchmark score of 50000+. Now you can handle complex apps and still maintain smooth operation.

The device is equipped with best multimedia technology which supports 120Hz display and Smart Screen. The GPU comes with multimedia imaging for enhanced auto focus and real-time phase detection.

This is bundled with a 3 GB of RAM for a smooth performance. With the aid of its CPU, this combo can process more apps simultaneously for smoother operation and a better gaming experience.

Infinix ZERO 3 is likely to come in two versions of 16 GB/32 GB built-in storage. This leaves ample space for all your files and media. The Infinix ZERO 3 is coming with Android 5.1 (Lollipop). Hardware with this prestigious design deserves some Lollipop flavoring.

Juice will be supplied to the amazing ZERO 3 by a 3030mAh non-removable large-capacity battery which supports fast charging. The phone has a dual-SIM feature as well.

Where to Buy?
You can Purchase the Infinix Zero 3 from HERE and a cheaper price

So many other features will be coming with the Infinix Zero 3, but these are the few i could get now. What do you thing of the Infinix Zero 3? Would you spend your money on it?


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